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About Us


My name is Firdaus Amour. I am a health practitioner by profession. I am originally from Kenya, moved to South Africa towards the end of 2020.

Coming from a place where my hormonal situation affected my skin drastically, i developed interest in skincare in general but could not get a product that was efficient in meeting my needs.
I got into researching how different home remedies worked on different skin types without disrupting hormones. I completely affirm that patience is indeed a prerequisite not only for healthy hair but for skin as well. I finally broke the code, i got familiar with natural products that blended perfectly for different skin and hair types and needs. The outcome was splendid and i gradually acquired a whole new hobby and overflowing interest in how health is promoted diversely. (I have since taken short courses to perfect my skills)

Let’s talk about perfect timing, i moved to South Africa when the pandemic was still at its peak, i put my hobby into perfect use and Founded Yashie Organics in NOVEMBER 2021. Safe to say this played a special role in my mental health.

Our mission is to formulate effective yet affordable products and ensure all our Yashie Babes and Gents attain healthy hair and skin

Our VISION: Is not only to be recognized nationwide in formulation effective products but also to promote health in every possible way.